Contemporary home garden

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There are many ways to freshen up your home. It may be by providing enough light openings, featuring indoor plants around the house, or designing a garden at your home. These three things can bring freshness and good ventilation to your home.

What if the three items mentioned above are combined into one? Of course, the house will become more comfortable with fresh air and bright lighting. This comfort has been desired by one of my clients, Ms. Arianis. She wanted me to design a contemporary garden patio. Mrs. Arianis wants the green area to have several ornamental plants.

Contemporary interior gardens that enhance the natural elements in the home

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The courtyard garden at Mrs. Arianis’ house is quite unique. This landscaped patio is small and is located under the stairs of the house. To separate the garden from the floor space, I present a wooden decking. This wooden platform can be used as a path or activity area. On the wooden terrace I have set up chairs and a table where Mrs. Arianis can do her work on her laptop.

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In addition to working, at Mrs. Arianis’s house, you can relax like in a cafe. The activities that she does can be alternated with eating or drinking coffee. In addition, the stairs present in this park are also made with a simple and modern design. The light accent on the lamp hidden in the railing gives this stair an elegant look.

Finally become the contemporary garden patio that Ms. Arianis desires. The park has succeeded in meeting the lighting and ventilation needs of Ms. Arianis’ residence. The presence of ornamental plants in the garden also makes Ms. Arianis’s home cooler. Anyone who spends time in the park, whether it’s relaxing or working, is sure to feel very comfortable.