Enjoy Positive Benefits From Bathing in a Freestanding Slipper Tub

Taking warm baths is associated with positive effects on mental and emotional health. Doing so in a Freestanding Slipper Tub can be especially beneficial because these fixtures tend to be larger than standard built-in models. That makes the experience more luxurious, especially with the slipper ends that allow the bather to lean back and fully relax. In the tub, it’s easy to read an enjoyable book or magazine, spend time in prayer, or practice meditation.

Stress Relief

Soaking in warm water eases muscle tension that occurs due to stress. Chronic stress, even just during the workday, causes muscles to contract. A warm bath loosens those tense muscles, which relieves any discomfort that has developed.

Bathing this way tends to be leisurely. That reduces the sense of rushing through the day that affects so many people. Showering tends to be viewed differently. People often speak of jumping in the shower or taking a quick shower. That language usually isn’t used when referring to a hot bath.

Enhanced Results

For enhanced relaxation and relief of muscle aches, the person might add Epsom salts to the bath along with a few drops of a favorite essential oil. Epsom salts, a product consisting of magnesium sulfate, are absorbed through the skin and have beneficial effects on the body. Certain essential oils are known as being advantageous for reducing stress and boosting mood levels. Lavender is calming, for example.

Lighting a candle or two may add to the pleasant experience. Some individuals enjoy listening to soothing music while soaking in the tub. Others may want to listen to a podcast or other recording. This recording might focus on affirmations for goals or provide a meditative experience through guided hypnosis.

Time for Meditation

Many men and women feel they cannot find the time for 15 minutes of meditation at least once a day. By combining meditation with a bath at the end of the workday, they reap benefits from both of these activities. The meditation session recharges them for the evening so they can continue to accomplish tasks they want to complete. They do so while feeling more peaceful, focused, and content.